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KINGSTONE attend 2018 Central Plains New Material Summit Forum

From 9 to 10 June, Zhengzhou KINGSTONE takes part in the Forum of the Central Plains Material Summit in 2018 at the Xinmi Luban Joyful Hotel. More than 400 experts and scientists from the National Famous Colleagus and the Institute of Scientific Research in the refractory industry and the new industry material to attend the forum, and to find and solve problems, transfer their valuable experience to refractory enterprises and the New Material Maker in Xinmi City.

The Forum is sponsored by Xinmi City Committee and Government, Xinmi City Industry and Information Commission, grasp one thousand billion refractory bureau, jointly held by Xinmi Urban Refractory Industry Association, New Industrial Materials Association, New Material Topic, New Industry, New Economy. The Forum corresponds to the Chinese production of the 2025 national strategy, deepens the interconnection and interoperability, creates a platform for innovation and cooperation in the field of production, training, research in the field of science and technology. Experts from Tsinghua University, Peking University, General Institute of Research in the field of architectural materials science of China make a wonderful main speech for the development of technological innovations and application development in the Chinese domestic new material industry. The speech presents new ideas and new measures for the transformation and modernization of Xinmi refractories and new material industries. On the afternoon of July 9, KINGSTONE signs a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Mahjong University of Science and Technology.

On the morning of June 10, experts, the head of the Commission on Industry and Information, bosses of new material enterprises visit and explore KINGSTONE. General Manager Mr. Liang Xinxing presents our products for mass production - A rare oxide composite SS ceramic thermal field used in artificial crystal (Sapphire Growing Equipment) for them.

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