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2018 18th China Int’l Metallurgy Industry Exhibition

The invited CISA (Chinese Association of Metallurgical Industries), MC-CCPIT (Council of the Iron and Steel Industry of China to promote international trade), from 16 to 19 May 2018, Production and Sales Department of KINGSTONE visited 2018 18th China International Metallurgy Industrial Exhibition and 14 China International Exhibition of Refractories and Industry Ceramic Exhibition at the International Exhibition Center in Beijing (new venue).

During the exhibition period, in addition to our regular and basic production products. In the metallurgical industry, the liquid flow control system is HP and HD ZrO2. The insert is integrated into the bucket, quick-change, Tundish measuring nozzle, plate and ring HP & HD ZrO2 in the form of a liner, built-in slider shutter slag in the converter, spray nozzle HP & HD ZrO2, used to produce metal Al, Cu, amorphous alloy powder in the amorphous alloy industry, etc., we also show our latest R & D products: rare earth composite SS ceramic thermal field from artificial crystal (sapphire growing furnace), plate with alumina closure, plate from the cutting insert s rare oxide composition, hot extrusion die, and so on. d. The unique display of high-quality products has attracted many global customers who are deeply aware of, discuss and collaborate on our stand,

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