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Kingstone Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Sinosteel Luoyang Refractories

On the morning of December 6, the chairman of KINGSTONE Mr. Baikuan Liu and President Hongxia Li of Sinosteel Luoyang Refractories signed an agreement on strategic cooperation on behalf of both enterprises in Luoyang. Both sides agreed to establish long-term stable strategic cooperation relations in the field of product development, project cooperation, product sales, joint market development, technical exchanges, investments and other aspects. Vice President Wenwu Wang of Sinosteel Luoyang Refractories, Vice President Wenpeng Ma of KINGSTONE also attended the signing ceremony.
At the signing ceremony, Li Hongxia praised KINGSTONE for his sense of social responsibility and mission as the leading enterprise in the industry and introduced the strategic development plan for Sinosteel Luoyang Refractories. Chairman Liu Baikuan gave full recognition to the long-standing outstanding contributions of Sinosteel Luoyang Refractories for the industry and introduced the future strategic layout and development of KINGSTONE. Both sides agreed that the future refractory industry will include a reduction in quantity, light weight, functional, intelligent automation and recycling of resources, as well as additional advantages of the two sides will give broad prospects for cooperation.

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